A Note from the Editors


A Note from the Editors

It’s Complicated is an online zine and creative platform that centers and celebrates Asian American creatives.

It’s Complicated was born out of the desire to create a space where young Asian Americans can come together and tend to each other’s questions and confusions.

We want to create conversations and encourage reflection for our contributors and viewers. Through this zine, we honor the unique experiences of each young artist and thinker and remind one other that none of us are alone.

Elizabeth Xu (she/her)

Co-founder & Co-editor

Elizabeth Xu is a 23-year old, Houston-raised, Chicago-based creative. She is interested in exploring the interworkings of race, gender, class, diaspora, and spirituality within herself and the world through various artforms. She looks forward to highlighting other Asian American artists’ work and interests through this zine!

✉️ elizabeth.h.xu@gmail.com

Elizabeth Shen (she/her)

Co-founder & Co-editor

Elizabeth is a multimedia artist based in Chicago with roots in San Jose, California. With one eye on sociocultural phenomenon and another on ethnographic details, her art contemplates the bizarre, baffling, and beautiful experiences of being alive. She is full of joy and glad to be here!

✉️ elizabethshenx@gmail.com

“Sometimes you are erased before you are given the choice of stating who you are.”

Ocean Vuong, On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous